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Attorney Texas (on every page)

Colorado County Texas 78934 78935 78962 78951 77434 77470 78940 77475 78950 78943

77442 77412 78933 77460 Columbus Weimar Eagle Lake Garwood Altair Glidden Alleyton

Sheridan , Fayette County Texas 78945 78946 78957 78963 78962 78949 78956 78932 78941

78938 78940 78952 78959 78961 78954 78960 Ellinger Fayetteville La Grange Schulenburg

Flatonia Round Top Muldoon Carmine Winchester Praha Cistern Ammannsville Ledbetter West

Point Warda , Lavaca County Texas 77995 77975 77964 77987 78956 77986 77984 Hallettsvile

Shiner Moulton Sweet Home Yoakum , Wharton County Texas 77437 77432 77488 77436

77434 77443 77435 77448 77420 77454 77455 77453 77467 Wharton El Campo East Bernard

Boling Boling-lago Hungerford Louise Pierce Lissie Danevang , Fort Bend County Texas 77494

77441 77479 77461 77459 77485 77083 77435 77407 77420 77450 77430 77406 7741777469

77444 77498 77451 77471 77476 77489 77481 77477 77464 77053 77487 77545 77496 77478

77497 Sugar Land Richmond Rosenberg Fulshear Needville Fresno Sienna Arcola Kendleton

Pecan Grove Simonton Beasley Greenwood Thompsons Pleak Fairchilds Orchard Four Corners

Fifth Street Cumings Katy Missouri City Cinco Ranch Stafford Brookshire Meadows Place

Damon Boling Beasley Guy Pleak , Harris County Texas 77449 77084 77433 77429 77379

77083 77095 77450 77036 77346 77521 77072 77373 77396 77375 77077 77015 77070 77082

77044 77581 77088 77546 77388 77089 77040 77064 77099 77338 77093 77081 77493 77080

77060 77057 77055 77075 77074 77042 77389 77339 77007 77065 77024 77090 77049 77377

77502 77063 77066 77034 77073 77087 77009 77506 77008 77035 77571 77014 77004 77520

77096 77017 77038 77092 77045 77047 77076 77536 77067 77079 77053 77357 77530 77041

77016 77020 77091 77086 77033 77039 77598 77025 77532 77018 77022 77023 77005 77021

77061 77345 77071 77503 77505 77062 77504 77586 77043 77019 77054 77006 77056 77037

77027 77026 77028 77048 77029 77069 77401 77085 77051 77013 77012 77447 77058 77011

77031 77059 77098 77587 77002 77032 77078 77484 77562 77030 77336 77068 77094 77003

77547 77281 77050 77204 77507 77046 77010 77315 77298 77276 77247 77250 77246 77296

77286 77294 77278 77285 77097 77260 77242 77249 77223 77231 77491 77001 77052 77245

77244 77248 77252 77251 77254 77253 77256 77255 77258 77257 77261 77259 77263 77262

77266 77265 77268 77267 77270 77269 77272 77271 77274 77273 77277 77275 77280 7727977282 77287 77284 77289 77288 77291 77290 77293 77292 77297 77299 77325 77337 77347

77201 77203 77202 77205 77207 77206 77209 77208 77212 77210 77215 77213 77217 77216

77219 77218 77221 77220 77222 77225 77224 77227 77226 77229 77228 77230 77234 77233

77236 77235 77238 77237 77241 77240 77243 77383 77391 77402 77411 77410 77413 77492

77501 77508 77522 77572 Spring Humble Cypress Tomball Pasadena La Porte Crosby Bellaire

Gelena Park Jersey Village Atascocita Channelview Deer Park Webster West University Place

South Houston Aldine Highlands Jacinto City Hunter Creek Village Piney Point Village Hedwig

Village Bunker Hill Village Morgan’s Point Southside Place Spring Valley Village Taylor Lake

Village Hillshire Village Cloverleaf El Lago Barrett Sheldon Houston Spring Katy Baytown

Friendswood New Caney Cinco Ranch Hockley Seabrook El Lago Waller Shoreacres

Lynchburg River Terrace Bay Shore Park El Garden Del Mar Red Bluff Lynchburg Landing ,

Galveston County Texas 77573 77554 77546 77565 77511 77517 77539 77650 77590 77623

77550 77617 77551 77555 77568 77592 77510 77549 77591 77553 77563 77552 77518 77574

Galveston Texas City Dickinson Kemah Santa Fe La Marque Hitchcock Bacliff Jamaica Beach

San Leon Tiki Island Port Bolivar Peninsula Bayou Vista Clear Lake Shores Algo League City

Friendswood High Island Gilchrist Virginia Point , Washington County Texas 77833 77426

77880 78932 77835 77834 Brenham Washington Chappell Burton Latium , near me close

locate mother father mom dad brother sister husband wife child children I , . ? a and for the ,

Michael T. Trefny Kevin J. Hillmer law Texas law legal help legal aid lawyer court illegal

counselor of law law firm law practice law office attorney ,

Business Law (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

entity business organization organizational structure operation tax consequences bottom line

business formation incorporation entities buy sell agreements business planning c-corp c-

corporation s-corp s-corporation limited liability company llc limited liability partnership llp sole

proprietorship asset protection business succession general partnership limited partnership

liability shareholder member manager holding company LTD agent principle authority breach

employment employee boss drafting negotiate negotiation contracts transaction vendor

contracts master service agreements real estate purchase asset purchase sales agreement

lease merger business law ,

Eminent domain/Condemnation (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links,

and appropriate practice area page)

state federal government entity take private property my property public use legal right road

highway interstate railroad power line pipeline right of way i10 i45 lcra oil gas landowner land

purchasing agent land man company letter offer letter survey easement entity negotiate

purchase lawsuit condemn take damages just compensation gravel pasture house home

homestead barn meadow driveway pond grass sue blackfin pipeline matterhorn express

pipeline road county road side walk pipe telephone pole telephone line entry road access

parking lot drainage storm traffic land use fence bared wire fence gate sand noise tree lease

sand expert price pipe kinder morgan eminent domain condemnation ,

Estate Planning (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

will trust disposition plan gift deed transfer on death deed beneficiary designation power of

attorney medical power of attorney durable power of attorney distribution of remains finances

agent directive to physician hipaa release estate tax probate living trust guardianship

designation life insurance family trust business trust package codicil change will amend trust

change trust holographic will burial wishes family child children kids kid inherit inheritance

devise bequeath taxes disinherit nursing home bed ridden heirship debts revocable trust

irrevocable trust home house land executor executrix car truck heirloom grantor granteetrustee settlor duties duty decision hospital doctor medicaid medicare plan planning papers

records information release bank money property bills charity comfort care donation remove

change gun estate planning ,

Litigation (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

lawsuit court courtroom procedure justice of the peace court county court probate court family

court guardianship court county court of law municipal court district court appellate court

supreme court file pleading petition judge judges jury juries out of town local counsel answer

deadline discovery sue new win lost how can I sue trial motion help plaintiff defendant

petitioner respondent applicant constitutional court adoption justice fair rights civil legal law

justification notice due process malpractice unfair equality separation litigation ,

Oil and Gas (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

oil gas minerals mineral estate rights own owned someone else myself I oil company gas

company oil and gas company exploration development production landowner landman survey

surveyor lease addendum negotiation surface damages operation pipeline seismic exploration

seismic testing interest participation agreements farm out agreements drill set up use take sell

land pipe sand gravel water dig term year years how long give property truck road drive fence

farm cattle livestock pond litter destroy frack fracking explode leak fire tank pump pad lake live

work buildings tree entry restoration digging spill litter trespass timeline layout wash rights

contract usage barrels location railroad commission royalty bonus interest stock runoff lime

limestone payment pea gravel rock salt concrete drainage flood trench natural gas surface use

light nuisance rig oil and gas ,

Probate (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate practice

area page)

last will and testament court probate authenticate approve court order file unfixed inherit

inherited determine trust income tax tax consequence real property personal property avoid

size complex estate executor executrix testator testatrix heir heirship affidavit of heirship

expenses deceased posting notice letters of testamentary relatives bank bank accounts

muniment of title creditors inventory bequeath devise devisee mom dad grandma grandpa

grandmother grandfather personal effects children handwritten holographic grandchildren time

line witnesses notary notarized four 4 years no will copy of will intestate testate published small

estate affidavit no debts independent administration dependent administration no

administration guardianship minor incapacitated merp medicaid qualify want money land car

truck vehicle cattle stock guidelines contest undue influence pressured invalid valid nurse

home care provider sell convey court order more nursing home safety deposit box safe funeral

home release steal theft final wishes codicil county clerk misrepresent age elderly dead debt

taxes collection bankruptcy owe money billing probate ,

Real Estate (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

land permanent improvements buy buying sell selling complicated rural urban minerals surface

real estate broker agent earnest money contract binding contract sign signing own owning

neighbors conflicts fence boundary line easement access co-owners divide interest cannot can

not can’t agree recourse partition lawsuit turn off lights house home deed warranty deed

special warranty deed quitclaim deed trustee deed executor deed assumption deed vendor

lien lien tract parcel lot lease sale pasture barn office building store condo apartment

barnominium garage environment addition damages waste life estate rent road estate grass

water pond lake river creek tank sewage notice trespass adverse possession utility amenities

furnishing mortgage foreclosure sheriff sale bid option contract camera privacy post disagreedeal undivided tenants in common joint owners joint tenants road acre square foot farm corp

dirt corn construction rice build appraiser appraisal hay exclusive right meadows hill windmill

market value tax value county appraiser district downpayment school district sold milo maze

cotton solar panels acreage pipe pipeline rig oil and gas title title policy court order split

equitable air condition nuisance storm drain septic tank sewage right of way electric gas

propane gas floodplain sidewalk cub mailbox dogs cats animals birds noise garbage truck

quite peace study listing tree brush bush draft make maintenance quiet and enjoyment landlord

tenant deposit security key lock out breach payment return bust parking tow mobile home real

estate ,

Family law (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and appropriate

practice area page)

divorce child custody child support enforcement possession order adoption husband wife

grandparents court property house restraining order spousal support retirement medical

education insurance will power of attorney separation police abuse physical mental emotional

bank bank account mortgage community separate name change attorney fees location

common law hospital debts holidays court order decree change for cause voluntary surrender

adoptive parent rights constitutional marriage living together house household annulment

prenup pre material agreements transfer marriage license out-of-state mother father child

duties healthcare provider liability hurt damage family violence child abuse neglect funds

income work employment not working disability insurance worker’s compensation personal

injury commitment business interest visitation rights management jail martial property

postmarital agreements homestead summer breaks schooling guardianship ex-wife ex-

husband garnish wages annulment college expenses void marriage medical expenses

additional support sapcrs suit affecting parents child relationship temporary injunctions

conservatorship best interest of child conservators access restriction increase abduction

paternity test disabled adult dental retroactive cheating lying lies sex termination alcohol drugs

sibling access protective orders emergency protection law enforcement reimbursement leave

modification modify military duty arrearages liens writ of habeas corpus interference license

mistress steal money care truck vehicles trap lock out sick animals dogs cats arrest domestic

abuse sole managing conservator joint managing conservatorship enforcement day weekday

weekend family law ,

Elder law/Medicaid Planning (on home page, attorneys pages, contact us, about us, links, and

appropriate practice area page)

medicaid nursing home care exempt qualification reimbursement death giving away

nonexempt real property homestead house spending down cash financial assets 5 year period

disqualification gifts abuse neglect medication dementia Alzheimer’s transportation physical

doctor medical social mental income ira savings stock senior years medicare A B C

supplement death taxes power of attorney physical therapy injury medical power of attorney

hipaa wheel care depriving weak deprive trap transport government state pay trust assets

nurse care truck vehicle wishes concerns son daughter call change spending agent bank

account real property personal property sick ill hospital ambulance terminally ill irreversible

condition comfort care take steal use without permission seclude lonely forget forgetfulness

lock up titles poor hospital treatment elder law medicaid planning

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