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Estate Planning

If a person does not execute a plan for their estate, the state of Texas has laws which determine who will receive your property in the event you die without a Will, Trust or having made another disposition.  A “plan” may be as simple as a Will, or it may be a formal plan utilizing several legal tools. The basic tools include Wills, Trusts, Gift Deeds, Transfer on Death Deeds, Powers of Attorney for Finances (called Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney) and Powers of Attorney for Medical Care, and Directives to Physicians.

I work with clients to consider the needs of each client based upon the most recent developments in estate tax, trust and probate laws in order to provide them with the most effective estate plans and tools available. My goal is to make the plan and documents as simple as possible, but as complicated as needed, to protect clients from unnecessary and expensive court proceedings and from needlessly paying federal taxes. Michael Trefny can assist you with your Estate Planning needs.

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