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Oil & Gas Law

Oil and gas is a term commonly used to refer to oil, gas and other minerals, which are collectively referred to as “minerals” under the law. Ownership of minerals involves several different rights which may or may not be owned by a particular landowner. Determination of these rights can be complicated. Negotiating with oil and gas companies for a lease for exploration, development and production of such minerals is always complicated and should only be done by competent attorneys or experienced professionals. Oil companies have experienced professionals on their team, and so should any landowner considering executing an oil and gas lease.

In addition to representing individuals with leases, Michael Trefny also handles negotiations for surface damages from operations, pipelines and even seismic exploration. Let us help you level the playing field when dealing with an oil and gas company to recognize and obtain the best possible deal for a given situation.

At times, oil and gas companies become involved in disputes with other companies or their partners. Michael Trefny has handled negotiations and litigation involving operating agreements, areas of mutual interest, participation agreements and farm out agreements.

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