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A Short History of this Practice

The firm began in 1946 when founded by Mr. Massey who was joined by Mr. Hodges to form Massey & Hodges.  In 1947 Mr. Gates joined the firm.  Mr. Massey left the firm to go solo and it became Gates, Hodges & Moore with the addition of Mr. Moore to the firm. 


The firm has been in continuous existence since 1946 with the addition and subtraction of several other partners over the years.  After the deaths of Mr. Hodges and Mr. Moore and the addition in 1980 of Chris Stein and in 1985 of Ty Prause, the firm became Gates, Stein and Prause from 1985 until 2002 when Patricia Gillespie became a partner.  Ty Prause left the firm in 2010 when he was elected County Judge and Michael Trefny joined the firm in 2011.  Mr. Gates passed away in 2015 and Chris Stein retired in 2016.  The firm was renamed from Gates, Stein, Gillespie & Trefny to Gillespie & Trefny in 2019.

As of December 31, 2022, Patricia Gillespie retired. Michael Trefny has continued the practice as a sole practitioner, under his dba, The Trefny Law Firm.

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