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Real Estate Law

Real estate is land and the permanent improvements situated thereon. The buying and selling of real estate is a complicated process, and with rural real estate often involving minerals. While a real estate broker will help you fill out an earnest money contract to buy or sell real estate, they are not qualified to explain the details found in the 10-12 pages of the binding contract. Once you sign the contract, you may find yourself bound to something you did not understand at the time, especially when dealing with minerals.


Therefore it is important to seek legal advice before signing any agreement regarding real estate. Michael Trefny has the experience to help educate you on the process and make better decisions, generally without spending a great deal of time or money.

Owning land means having neighbors. Sometimes neighbors experience conflicts over matters such as fence or boundary lines, easements and access. Michael Trefny is experienced in handling these disputes.

Co-owners of land who wish to divide their interests, but cannot agree, are not without recourse. The law provides a right of partition through a lawsuit. Michael Trefny has handled such suits and can advise you on your rights before the level of conflict gets to that point.

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